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Microsoft Windows 2000 Startup Sound

(For Everyone who wants Windows 2000(or ME) Startup Sound)

Microsoft Windows XP Startup Sound

(For Everyone who wants Windows XP Startup Sound)

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Startup Sound (animated)

(For Everyone who wants Windows Vista Beta 2 Startup Sound)

Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Sound

(For Everyone who wants Windows 7 Startup Sound)

Now, you made your only wiki home look like a rotten wasteland.

Farthest ExtrempediaΒ has 2 words, and 2 has three letters. Illuminati has three sides. Farthest ExtrempediaΒ is Illuminati Confirmed.



Note: This wiki achieved Beta, you may now feel free to do it.

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If you found some of the article page harassings. Please note that it's for parodies, trolling, and etc.
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Farthest Extrempedia is a FANDOM-overpowered encyclopedia that has everything you want to edit;

You can talk about cars, tanks, guns, everything just like Wikipedia but with an alternate and unique description, anything with funny MOMents! Make sure not to copy and paste from that, instead... Making your own words would benefit it out. Put some comedies over our article to beat Uncyclopedia's funny MOMents.

Today is 22:10 February 25, 2020 (22:10/02/25/2020)(UNIVERSAL)! This is for the time for you to recognize the time! Extrempedia has been created on October 7, 2018, as the time when BlitzFIR3A1 is almost his birthday.

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You can also edit your fantastic imagination, future, and something. FUNNY POTATO!

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We currently have 93 articles, 880 pages, 4,382 bunch of edits, and 1 active users!Β Join us now! And have fun! :D

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